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US-2013167072-A1: Smart and Flexible Layout Context Manager patent, US-2013191989-A1: Tri-Fold Sofa patent, US-2015047400-A1: Cylinder lock patent, US-2010313881-A1: Shutter Having a Swellable Peripheral Seal and Shutting System Comprising It, for a Multiple-Chamber Furnace Port patent, US-2010321417-A1: Display device and projection display device patent, US-2011246905-A1: Adaptive user interface elements patent, US-2012256723-A1: Random location authentication patent, US-2012306646-A1: Embedded security system for environment-controlled transportation containers and method for detecting a security risk for environment-controlled transportation containers patent, US-2013055169-A1: Apparatus and method for unlocking a touch screen device patent, US-2014343768-A1: Apparatus and method for processing atc intermittent information in railway patent, US-2015058549-A1: Detection of multiple accesses to a row address of a dynamic memory within a refresh period patent, US-2010328084-A1: System and method for detecting lightning patent, US-2011101167-A1: Methods and systems for imposing a momentum boundary while reorienting an agile vehicle with control moment gyroscopes patent, US-2011225887-A1: Fresh air safety bars patent, US-2012020764-A1: Cargo handling apparatus module patent, US-2012098227-A1: Vehicle stabilization system patent, US-2013163537-A1: Method Implemented in a User Equipment patent, US-2013223840-A1: Resource Allocation in PON Networks via Wave-front Multiplexing and De-multiplexing patent, US-2013283249-A1: Instruction and logic to perform dynamic binary translation patent, US-2013337670-A1: Cover for cable connectors patent, US-2014188271-A1: Touch screen for a beverage dispensing system patent, US-2014216809-A1: Side Wall Bracket for Cable Tray patent, US-2010229772-A1: Open eye sewing needle patent, US-2010311447-A1: All-HTTP multimedia messaging patent, US-2011028032-A1: Coaxial cable connector system and method patent, US-2012046687-A1: Vascular Occlusion Devices patent, US-2012134778-A1: Axial flow gas turbine patent, US-2012260242-A1: Zero Downtime Hard Disk Firmware Update patent, US-2013074069-A1: System and method for cross-platform application execution and display patent, US-2013312435-A1: Power and Refrigeration Cascade System patent, US-2014000110-A1: Method for electrically conductively connecting the electrical conductors of two high voltage cables patent, US-2014069261-A1: Karaoke system patent, US-2014276254-A1: Patient warming and dvt prevention system patent, US-2015067641-A1: Behavioral Extensibility for Mobile Applications patent, US-2010199914-A1: Chemical vapor deposition reactor chamber patent, US-2011011972-A1: Primary structure of a connecting strut patent, US-2011077641-A1: Return Electrode Temperature Prediction patent, US-2011216622-A1: Liposomal apparatus and manufacturing method patent, US-2012151314-A1: Location aware spreadsheet actions patent, US-2012316008-A1: Multi-piece solid golf ball patent, US-2013297835-A1: Method for identifying universal serial bus host, and electronic device thereof patent, US-2014038510-A1: System and method for directing exhaust from a modular data center patent, US-2014131236-A1: Musical instrument case with protective boot patent, US-2010225423-A1: Low noise figure radiofrequency device patent, US-2011202918-A1: Virtualization apparatus for providing a transactional input/output interface patent, US-2012119940-A1: Radar apparatus with multi-receiver channel patent, US-2014274078-A1: Protocols for facilitating broader access in wireless communications patent, US-2014286545-A1: Method and apparatus for optical fingerprint recognition using multiple scan patent, US-2015076189-A1: Housing for an electronic device patent, US-2011015489-A1: Otoscope with attachable ear wax removal device patent, US-2011064551-A1: Pull and lift system for transporting roofing materials patent, US-2012092832-A1: Enhanced stacked microelectronic assemblies with central contacts and improved thermal characteristics patent, US-2012277081-A1: Rolling apparatus patent, US-2013285487-A1: Stator of an electrical machine and an electrical machine patent, US-2014142883-A1: Implementing frequency spectrum analysis using causality hilbert transform results of vna-generated s-parameter model information patent, US-2014375774-A1: Generation device and generation method patent, US-2014380194-A1: Contents sharing service patent, US-2012309215-A1: Apparatus for Powering an Accessory Device in a Refrigerated Container patent, US-2010237887-A1: Microelectronic contactor assembly, structures thereof, and methods of constructing same patent, US-2011079322-A1: Fuel filler system patent, US-2012161681-A1: Motor control device and electric power steering equipment having the same patent, US-2011009084-A1: Passive high frequency image reject mixer patent, US-2011178527-A1: Opthalmic Lens Capsule Support patent, US-2011299243-A1: Power Conversion Apparatus patent, US-2012060352-A1: Reinforcements, baffles and seals with malleable carriers patent, US-2012139311-A1: Fold-and dive structure for vehicle seat patent, US-2012293075-A1: Interactive lighting control system and method patent, US-2013084847-A1: Method and system for controlling a mobile communication device patent, US-2013125686-A1: Rotation Mechanism patent, US-2014006129-A1: Systems and methods for mobile and online payment systems for purchases related to mobile and online promotions or offers provided using impressions tracking and analysis, location information, 2d and 3d mapping, mobile mapping, social media, and user behavior and information for generating mobile and internet posted promotions or offers for, and/or sales of, products and/or services in a social network, online or via a mobile device patent, US-2011150051-A1: Multi-Tone System with Oversampled Precoders patent, US-2012085337-A1: Solar power ground engagement device with an ecological environmental protection function patent, US-2013145331-A1: Sequential sizing in physical synthesis patent, US-2014167795-A1: Active feedback silicon failure analysis die temperature control system patent, US-2011297390-A1: Subsea well containment and intervention aparatus patent, US-2014095704-A1: Redundantly operable industrial communication system, communication device and method for redundantly operating an industrial communication system patent, US-2013062298-A1: Display rack patent, US-2014157032-A1: Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus patent, US-2014188559-A1: Market research interface for use with prediction market patent, US-2015003005-A1: Electronic device and data storage module patent, US-2010235808-A1: Method and system for task modeling of mobile phone applications patent, US-2013074620-A1: Semiautomatic rotational/swinging device patent, US-2013189089-A1: Vacuum pump patent, US-2011144907-A1: Travel guiding apparatus for vehicle, travel guiding method for vehicle, and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-2011174232-A1: Fishfarming Pen patent, US-2012187888-A1: Voltage regulating device patent, US-2014226891-A1: Method and Device for Correction of Movement Artifacts in a Computed Tomography Image patent, US-2011196774-A1: Derivative trade processing patent, US-2013290855-A1: Virtual shared office bulletin board patent, US-2015024887-A1: Hydraulic timing chain tensioner and timing chain system patent, US-2011278942-A1: Wearable power source carryable by a health care provider patent, US-2012317975-A1: Turbocharger patent, US-2014269919-A1: Systems and Methods for Guided Conversion of Video from a First to a Second Compression Format patent, US-2014339375-A1: Non-conductive roller assembly patent, US-2010273682-A1: Well treatment patent, US-2011121042-A1: Device for stabilizing ear-mounted devices patent, US-2013278723-A1: Three-dimensional measurement system and three-dimensional measurement method patent, US-2011165870-A1: Method, Apparatus and System for Key Derivation patent, US-2015015920-A1: Hinge unit and image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same patent, US-2010181276-A1: Fully vented wide rim nursing bottle with canted vent tube patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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